I spent July and August of 2016 in France. It began with seven days at The Photography Master Retreat in the south of France, followed by two days in Beziers with the remaining six weeks in Paris. The Paris Project segment was funded through a Kickstarter campaign and as promised I am making a book, a film and prints from the visuals I created there.

The Paris Project coffee-table Limited Edition (numbered and signed) book is now available for pre-order. Order now and you will have a page dedicated to you. Gift a second pre-order copy and the recipient will have a page dedicated to them.

My original mantra for the expedition was "Join me as I unleash my still and film cameras on Paris. Digging deep into the underbelly and telling its story through my lens." I accomplished this and more. When I wrote "digging deep into the underbelly of Paris" I had no idea how that would manifest. Well, it did. In spades. Dropped in my lap twice...first in a Paris dog park and secondly in the Pere Lachaise cemetery. It was an underbelly that even the locals haven't seen.

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