“Chesher developed one of the most remarkable rock books ever made…
it has been assembled with the utmost care and consistently high quality.”
–West Coast Review of Books


“If you ever run across this book, mortgage your house to pay for it – it’s an incredible item!”

STARART is a coffee table art book exhibiting the fine art of music icons Joni Mitchell, John Mayall, Ron Wood, Klaus Voormann, Cat Stevens and Commander Cody, along with in-depth interviews and comments by the artists about their art. STARART was published December, 1979 and is now an out-of-print collector's item.  

I have a few copies of the trade edition left, and some of the special leather-bound Limited Edition books signed by the artists.  Prints are also available.  After you check out the cool video below, mosey on over to shop everything STARART.


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