The Collection is a compilation of thirty images I handpicked from my favorite photographs. While it is the second exhibit in The Gallery, it is the first exhibit where you can purchase limited edition prints of the photographs. And, in doing so, you will be helping my friend, Sam, who has been fighting MS for 35 years.

Sam is a former Chicago-based stage actress turned screenwriter and she created a writer’s group in Los Angeles that fostered community building and creative expression. I met Sam ten years ago when I joined the group, and quickly came to admire her passion for collaboration. While her writer’s group remains active, Sam’s life came to a halt a few years ago when her partner/caregiver suffered a disabling stroke.

Knowing there was no family to help out, I chose to take care of them (organizing and emotional support, etc) for six months until they could move into their own apartment around the corner from where I lived.  Sam had a part time caregiver through medicare, and all was fine until a few months after I had to move from LA for work opportunities elsewhere.

Six months later, Sam was admitted to a nursing home to rehab from the hospital treatment of an infection. The lack of movement and poor nutrition she received kept her laid up there for almost a year. When she finally returned home three months ago, it was a difficult transition and her new state-provided caregiver offered to have her move into their home…promising to feed her nutritionally and get her the physical therapy Sam needed to become ambulatory. The caregiver lied.

I need to get Sam out of there. But I can’t send her back to the nursing, knowing that it would be the end of her. The only alternative is to pay for responsible caregivers who practice bedside manner and assist Sam in the comfort of her own home.

If I can sell out The Collection, Sam will have the in-home care she needs and deserves for one whole year. And she feels that is enough time for her to fight her way out the bed and into her wheelchair…and maybe some day, back on her feet. I’m sure many of you are thinking I’m a dreamer, that people can’t come back from MS. Maybe you’re right. But if you knew Sam, you would know that she’s going to give it everything she’s got. Please help me give her that opportunity.

Hoping you will share this link and wishing you a Happy Holiday Season and Prosperous New Year!

xo Chesher Cat

Each photograph has a Limited Edition of 5 Artist Proof prints, numbered and signed. They will be printed with pigment inks on 11×17 archival matte paper.
Price – $150 + shipping
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