Photo by Chesher Cat

Photo by Chesher Cat


Photography Workshop

The Urban Excursion is an exclusive three-part fine art photography workshop that will inspire your creativity and arm you with the tools necessary to shoot professional-quality photographs.

The photographs below were shot by participants in previous workshops.
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“Chesher’s Photography Workshop enabled me to take my skills to the next level. Her experience, preparation, passion and patience were evident with each participant’s amazing photography results. She effectively taught both the required technical details to achieving the desired shot as well as the crucial artistic elements. I now look at the world with a completely new perspective allowing the ordinary to become extraordinary. Her photography workshop was truly a valuable, fun and rewarding adventure and I look forward to the next one!” –Colleen Mallett (Participant in the Calgary Urban Excursion)

Workshop Schedule

The Preparation – A Thursday 7pm-11pm
An intensive interactive lecture covering manual camera operation, exposure, depth of field, motion, composition and painting with light. There will also be a hands-on test shoot, where you will learn how to control depth of field.

The Shoot - A Saturday 10am-7pm
We will scour several locations shooting images with a focus on composition, artistry, texture, light and shadow. You will use a shot list that will help you employ the various techniques discussed in the lecture. And you will learn how to capture your vision in the changing light, from morning to afternoon to night. (There will be a lunch break)

The Celebration – A Sunday 10am-7pm
We step into the digital darkroom to celebrate, review and edit our photographs. You will be introduced to image editing platforms and learn how to turn your pictures into fine art photographs. (There will be a lunch break)

Workshop Requirements:
A digital SLR camera (owned, borrowed or rented) and a hunger to capture incredible visual images. All levels of experience are welcome.

Limited to 6 participants.


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There are no group workshops currently scheduled.
If you are interested in a condensed one-day private workshop similar to the Urban Excursion,
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About Chesher:
Chesher began her professional career as a rock’n'roll photographer at the age of 18, shooting hundreds of live concerts including Led Zeppelin, Waylon Jennings, The Beach Boys, Chuck Berry, Van Morrison, George Carlin, Pink Floyd and Frank Zappa to name a few. Her work has appeared in magazines, advertisements, film and album covers. Chesher also has two books published, including Everybody I Shot Is Dead honoring the musicians she photographed who have since passed away. Based in New York City, she continues to shoot musicians and fine art photography. Chesher is also a screenwriter and filmmaker.